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Statement from members of the JYCM Leadership Board

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

This statement may not reflect the beliefs of everyone in the Jewish Youth Climate Movement.

At JYCM, we are heartbroken over the events that have been taking place in Jerusalem, Gaza, Ashkelon, and many other cities over the past few weeks and days. As Jews, we are called towards the principle of tzedek tzedek tirdof—justice, justice, you shall pursue—and know that both this current and historical violence endangers the precious lives of Palestinians, Israelis, and all peoples who live in the region. We know the trauma of oppression in one’s own homeland, and unequivocally condemn violence carried out against the Palestinian and Israeli people, and the violence and the firing of missiles meant to kill between Hamas and the IDF, harming and killing innocent civilians. As young Jews, it is our responsibility to stand up for peace and a safe homeland for everyone who lives in the Israel/Palestine region. All people deserve to live in freedom and safety, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity and nationality. As young Jewish climate activists, we are committed to the pursuit of a sustainable and equitable world for our generation, and future generations across the globe; a vision intrinsically tied to the wellbeing of all children growing up, living in, and dreaming of lands, whose futures are constantly jeopardized by the cruel acts of leaders who fail to represent us and our visions. In our fight for the future of this planet, and all peoples and homes that inhabit it, we mourn the stolen lives lost in recent days, people who will no longer be able to see the realization of this vision for our collective future. We commit to honoring their lives by turning our sadness and anger towards hope for the world we will build together in solidarity with Palestinian and Israeli youth. Climate justice means justice everywhere. May their memories be for a peaceful revolution.

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