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JYCM Newsletter- 09/30/2021

Announcing JYCM's Shmita Campaign!

  1. Make a climate crisis and justice plan, including plans for education, community engagement, public communications, energy transition, advocacy, and direct action

  2. Appoint a climate crisis coordinator, committee, organizer, etc. to inform and oversee your institution’s climate crisis and justice plan—include youth in this coordination team

  3. Present regular progress updates (through meetings with JYCM, written reports, or other sorts of communication) on your institution’s climate crisis and justice plan; foster ongoing collaboration with JYCM and Jewish climate organizations

  4. Frequently deliver and participate in climate-related D’var Torahs, learn-ins, trainings, holiday programming, public messages, childhood classroom education; for these engagements, draw from Jewish tradition and history, emphasize the systems of oppression that created the climate crisis, and amplify equity-based solutions

  5. Learn about and participate in advocacy and actions around local and federal climate policies and legislation

  6. Educate your congregants and community members about the sovereignty of the peoples indigenous to land we live on, and build partnerships with native communities (and other frontline communities) around pursuing climate justice

  7. Start a JYCM kvutzah at your institution, or conduct outreach to synagogues and youth groups in your area (and across your network) to recruit youth to build kvutzot; support young Jews in becoming leaders in this intergenerational mobilization for climate justice


QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.” -Michele Ruiz


Welcome to our new JYCM Kvutzot! We now have 28 Kvutzot (chapters) - welcome to our newest members: Jewish Federation Of Ulster County, NY Congregation Shearith Israel, Atlanta, GA To learn more about building a JYCM Kvutzah, visit our Kvutzah page here.


A Word from a Board Member Hi everyone! My name is Amber, I use she/her pronouns, I am 16 years old, and I am from Sharon, Massachusetts. I am an NEFC competitive soccer player, a climate organizer, and community activist. I first heard about JYCM from some of the members of the board last spring when I worked with them on the Jewish Climate Action Conference. I saw the community that these board members had, and I wanted to be able to work with them and other young Jewish teens who had similar ideas and ideals to mine. I joined JYCM because I wanted to be a part of a climate organization that values the important intersectionality between Judaism and the climate crisis. I have never been a part of a movement that I felt so connected to as a Jewish climate organizer. I really love how welcomed I have felt in the JYCM community. Being a part of climate organizing as a Jew can be hard when some parts of organizing make you feel like you have to hide parts of yourself. So being in a welcoming environment filled with other young bright Jewish organizers makes me feel so at home and a part of the Jewish community. I am so excited to continue to plan and attend actions with my fellow actions team members and work with the whole leadership board to accomplish such amazing things this year! Amber, 11th grade, MA, Actions Team


Upcoming Events! In September, the Shmita Midah (Shmita Value) of Food and Agriculture guides us in our work as a movement. Join us for our first program of the campaign, a food and agricultural systems teach-in on Sunday 9/19 at 7pm EST/4pm PST!

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