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JYCM Newsletter- 12/27/2021

SUPPORT OUR WORK TODAY! From Hannukah through Tu B'Shvat, help shine our light! As the only national, Gen Z-led Jewish youth movement dedicated to climate justice, we have so much energy, and the potential of our work and impact is endless! With 36 Kvutzot (local chapters), 250 members, and growing, we need your support in continuing to build our movement! It is important to the young Jewish leaders taking up the reins of this critical fight that our movement has the funding to continue growing and creating positive change in our world. The climate crisis is the greatest existential threat of our time, and we need every single person to get involved in this work. Help us heal our world by donating today. Thank you!


Hear about our work from our leaders by clicking here

[Image Description: three members of the national leadership board discuss concepts of identity, privilege, and oppression during the leadership retreat in August 2021. Click on the image to watch our newest JYCM video edited by Yonah Sadeh, JYCM Director of Communications.]

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