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JYCM Newsletter - 7/31/20

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

JYCM In The Making:

JYCM's Founding National Leadership Board Updates: We have been learning so much about different aspects of activism, the environment, and Judaism through the Hazon Jewish Youth Environmental Training Fellowship. Our knowledge has grown so much from the many teachers that have shared their experiences with us, and we are so grateful as well as excited for the rest of this training fellowship! As a board, we have also been working to establish trust between ourselves and setting down the roots so our movement can grow. We have been meeting as a full board as well as in working groups to do this. Several of our board members have been leading us in participating in Hazon's 2020 Vision Rides, which has allowed us to get outside and be active for an amazing cause! More info on how to participate and support is below!


Image by Leadership Board Member Yonah


July Updates!

Actions and Advocacy (A&A) Team: The actions and advocacy team has been working on a few really exciting projects. We are sorting through federal climate legislation, researching and creating material on the connections between food systems and climate change, and creating and opportunities for board members to get people registered to vote. We are excited to share more with you soon!

Communications (Comms) Team: The JYCM Instagram team has continued to post weekly challenges, accompanied with pieces of our interview with Becky O’Brien, the Director of Food and Climate at Hazon. You can visit our Instagram TV page (@JYCM) to watch these videos, and learn more about how to lead a more sustainable life. We are developing new weekly posts, like board member takeovers, and a #whyiride campaign for Hazon’s 2020 Vision rides. The Comms team is continuing to keep our website updated, making new blog and forum posts weekly. We are branching out to new platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, and we are all excited about the potential these platforms will have for JYCM!

Public Relations (PR) Team: The JYCM PR team is beginning to develop a JYCM curriculum focusing on how to work in our movement - several members have already started putting together resources for future JYCM chapters. The PR team is also working on rebranding the website pledge, along with advertising Earth Bead (a fun learning exchange where you find an interesting living organism around you and send a picture to someone to explain what it is). We are excited to work on developing relationships with organizations and have been working on developing a journalism section for the JYCM website - the PR team has been reaching out to JYCM board members to start writing articles and are looking forward to seeing what is produced!


"We can't do everything, but we can all do something." - Edward Everett Hale

"You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it." - Pirkei Avot (2:21) In this time it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the problems in the world and feel like you need to fix it all. These quotes are a secular and Jewish reminder that while you can and should engage and do something, you are not obligated to fix it on your own or do it alone.


A Word From a Board Member

My name is Alex Tananbaum, and I use the pronouns they/them/theirs. I enjoy music, filmmaking, and surfing. I joined JYCM because I was interested to learn more about environmentalism while connecting it to my Jewish roots. So far, it has been an amazing opportunity to work with like-minded people in a space where we all have some shared experiences (holidays and songs to name a few) and be an activist focused on making sure the earth remains habitable and whole.


Hazon's 2020 Vision Rides

This summer Hazon is hosting a riding fundraiser with two main goals: to ride 360,000 miles and to raise $360,000 by Labor Day, and we are already off to a great start. So far, we have raised $20,000 and traveled over 6,000 miles collectively. Some other goals for the fundraiser are to get more people on bikes and active, lessen our carbon footprint, and to build a community in this very strange time of our lives.

JYCM is participating by hosting a team led by Bella Weksler and Eli Anderson. JYCM is currently the largest team of the fundraiser and has raised nearly $5,000! We have a goal of raising $18,000 by the end of the fundraiser and plan on riding 2,500 miles as a group, but we can’t do it alone. We realize this is a lot to ask of someone during this pandemic, but if you are able, we would be very appreciative if you could donate to our page. You can also join our Strava Team to log miles with our team.


Image by Leadership Board Member Penelope Kopp


Spreading The Word

By telling other people about JYCM and similar organizations, more people can take part in the climate movement, moving us towards a brighter future.

For more information about JYCM and ways to get involved, visit our website and reach out:

Image by Leadership Board Member Lila


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