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JYCM Newsletter- 10/8/21

[Image Description: A red flyer with the date and time of the action (below), and a picture of a JYCM leadership board member giving a speech at a past action.]


Meet us in the streets! Monday, October 18th at 8:30am

ACTION ALERT! Join Jewish Youth Climate Movement and GreenFaith at 8:30am on Monday, October 18th at 345 Park Avenue in New York City for a Jewish youth-led action demanding that BlackRock's CEO Larry Fink ends its funding of the fossil fuel industry and human rights violations.

BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager and funder of the fossil industry and companies tied to deforestation. BlackRock also contributes to major human rights violations, including abusing indigenous territorial rights and displacing communities from their ancestral homelands. Our demands: 1. Take Climate Action Now, not share plans for the distant future 2. Stop investing in dirty fossil fuels 3. Nix the net, maximize the zero 4. Stop companies from continued destruction of our forests and respect Indigenous rights If you have questions about the action, email us! PLEASE REGISTER ON THE EVENT PAGE TO LET US KNOW YOU ARE COMING, and invite all of your friends to join us!

COVID SAFETY: To ensure the safety of everyone involved, we're requiring that everyone wears face masks and that everyone is vaccinated (if eligible for the vaccine).

Reminder: Each month of our Shmita Campaign will revolve around one central value (a Shmita Midah) present within biblical and Talmudic teachings on Shmita: Food and Agriculture, Debt and the Economic System, Land, Work and Rest, Equity and Justice, and Time. Each month will consist of teach-ins, policy education events, and direct actions corresponding to the themed month of the campaign. The Shmita Campaign provides the structure to recruit energized youth and garner commitments from our Jewish leaders that our institutions will actively participate in the global movement to pursue a sustainable and just world for all. We are issuing a call to our institutions to support these Seven Shmita Campaign Commitments.


ICYMI: Indigenous People's Day - October 11th, 2021

On October 11th, we celebrate Indigenous People’s Day. We honor Indigenous peoples and their history, culture and traditions. Until recently, many people have referred to this day as Columbus day where they celebrate Christopher Columbus and his so-called “achievements.” However, celebrating him fails to recognize the violent atrocities, genocide, and colonization that his expedition catalyzed and that continue to this day. Indigenous oppression is a systemic issue in this country... (cont.)

Read the full statement from our last newsletter here (scroll down to the middle), written by Elijah Harris and Rivka Schafer, members of the JYCM Executive Board.

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