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JYCM Newsletter - 1/20/21

Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest is Here! As 2021 begins, we approach the culmination of the Storytelling Campaign: the Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest (BBJCF), a collection of Jewish climate action events in the days around Tu BiShvat, beginning on January 27th. A large coalition of Jewish and environmental organizations are taking part in the BBJCF, and JYCM will hold programming during the fest to demonstrate how storytelling can be a means of activism. We encourage everyone to participate in this wonderful series of events and we hope to see all of you there! You can find BBJCF's website here.



Youth Climate Storytelling Workshop on Sunday, January 31st from 3-4pm eastern time. Register here.

Future of the Climate: A Conversation with Youth Who Founded a Movement on Sunday, January 31st from 7-8:30pm eastern time. Register here.


Events Not to Miss!

There are over 150 events happening over five days. Make sure you check out the events designed explicitly for teens and young adults!

Seeking climate concerned folks both young and old to join us in a dialogue about the challenges that this global climate crisis poses. Join us for a two-part series.

Folks below the age of thirty will have a chance to discuss their experiences navigating climate work in Jewish communities. How does our deep Jewish tradition both give grounding and pose a challenge to the kind of systematic work that we must do to address climate change? How do older folks help and hold us back from achieving this kind of change? Come and share best tactics for engaging in these conversations and leave with comprehensive asks for your Jewish communities. (We ask only those under 30 to participate in this session)

We will gather at 5pm on Thursday 1/28 for: Listen & Learn: Multi-Generational Dialogue for Jewish Leaders

Building on a young adults’ “caucus” gathering the previous day, we will provide space for multi-generational dialogue around climate and hopefully step away with concrete tools on how to create similar conversations in your communities.


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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