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JYCM Trip to COP27: Day 1

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Monday, November 7th

By: Isaac Ostrow, JYCM College Fellow, Wesleyan University

The delegation woke up to an incredible breakfast at the Hostel in Jerusalem. After a brief team building exercise, we bussed to the Dead Sea, where we learned about the processes that cause sinkholes and freshwater streams. We learned about clay- and mud, and then got stuck in it, literally. After wading through mud from a natural pond all the way to the Dead Sea, we were endlessly amazed by the phenomena associated with the saturated solution situated between Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. After cleaning off in a hot-spring fed freshwater lake abutting the sea, we took a salty bus ride to Ein Bokek, a beach attraction on the Dead Sea. Rinsed off and caffeinated, the delegation embarked, setting out for Kibbutz Ketura. The commune, guided by the Marxist philosophy of “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need,” welcomed us and offered the opportunity to reflect upon our travels around a campfire. We acknowledged the political climate of Israel and the US alike, and the rigorous hike of the morning. Introspection complete, we sought out opportunities to meet the kibbutzniks, dancing until Sophie and Naomi joined us from their layover in Ireland. A full day at the Kibbutz and with the Arava Institute awaits!

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