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JYCM Trip to COP27: Day 2

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

November 8

By: Elijah Harris, JYCM College Fellow, Brown University

Today was an extremely jam packed and educational day! After staying the night at Kibbutz Ketura, a living community prioritizing agriculture and sustainability, we learned about the Arava Institute, an academic program bringing together Israelis, Palestinians, and international students from around the world. They focus on environmental studies and international collaboration. We then got to witness cookies and tea being made through innovative solar technology. It was fascinating seeing how these inventions can be implemented around the world. Next, we embarked on a bike excursion through the Kibbutz, saw the Jordan border, and visited the Ketura’s endangered plants farm. The farm contains plants such as Frankincense and Myrrh and learned about the preservation efforts that the Ketura practice. Currently, I am typing this from the middle of the sand dunne lol. We are staying here in the dessert overnight and some Nitzana members led us on a tour to see tracks of the wildlife. We ended the night with singing around the bonfire and enjoying each others company. Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

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