CAAR: Campaigns, Actions, Advocacy and Recruitment
  • Making change and mobilizing the Jewish community to fight for common sense climate action 

  • Reaching out to individual Jewish and non-Jewish communities and establishing partnerships in this work

  • Advocating for common sense climate policy, as well as raising awareness through education

  • Running, organizing or supporting events related to climate strikes, legislative lobbying, climate advocacy and other actions - showing up as JYCM members

PR: Public Relations
  • Making people aware that JYCM exists by being responsible for external collaboration and correspondence with organizations and relevant groups 

  • The PR team represents the organization on matters of publication and advertising and can be reached for questions and involvement

  • As the public face of the organization, PR is also responsible for representing the group on any public speaking fronts

COMM: Communications
  • The communications team serves as a connector of national movements, bridging new connections between our organization 
and other movements, building an online presence, generally and in the world of environmentalism

  • Creating a strong virtual community during these hard times that will also turn into an in person movement in the future

  • In charge of the JYCM Social Media and Website, they aim to provide resources such as articles, newsletters, and forums in order to educate, motivate and empower