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JYCM Newsletter - 1/4/21

JYCM Storytelling Campaign!

As 2021 begins, we approach the culmination of the Storytelling Campaign. The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest (BBJCF) is a collection of Jewish climate action events in the days around Tu B’Shvat, beginning on January 27. A coalition of Jewish and environmental organizations are taking part in the BBJCF, and JYCM will hold programming during the fest to demonstrate how storytelling can be a means of activism.

Teens Teach the Teachers! Next Monday, January 11th from 7:30-8:30pm eastern time, we invite all Jewish scholars (Rabbis, educator, lay leaders) to attend our teen-led Jewish text study focused on environmental and social justice and getting teens in your community involved. Register here!

We encourage all youth interested in leading environment-focused events for their communities on Tu BiShvat to attend our session on how to effectively organize and lead programming. Taking Action on Tu BiShvat on January 13th from 7-8pm eastern time. Register here!

Some of our recent campaign events have illustrated the importance of empathy and sharing stories. At a Storytelling Campaign event in partnership with Climate Ribbon, JYCM board members shared their experiences on the front lines of climate change and asked attendees to consider what they don’t want to lose to the climate crisis. Along with Keshet, JYCM held a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion-themed Poetry and Art Exhibition night. JYCM looks forward to the Storytelling Campaign events to come and encourages everyone to participate in the Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest on Tu BiShvat.


Image by Leadership Board Member Orly


Welcome to our new JYCM Kvutzot!

We now have 13 Kvutzot (chapters) - welcome to our newest members:

Habonim Dror Camp Galil in Philadelphia, PA Congregation Beth Am Israel in Lower Merion, PA SAR Academcy in Teaneck, NJ

To learn more about building a JYCM Kvutzah, visit our Kvutzah page here.


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

- Mahatma Gandhi


A Word from a Board Member

Hi there! My name is Michael Pincus, I use he/him/his pronouns, and I am from West Palm Beach, Florida. I enjoy writing, reading, and reviewing movies. I also love hanging out at the beach, hiking, listening to music, cuddling with my cat, and all things fashion. I joined JYCM because I care deeply about fulfilling the Jewish principle of “tikkun olam” and taking care of the beautiful world we have been given. I love nature and want to do my part! Through JYCM, I hope that Jewish youth will have an outlet to channel their passions for activism, Judaism, and environmentalism. I think that Judaism offers a unique perspective on climate justice, and I am excited to be able to explore that perspective through JYCM.


Poetry by JYCM Board Member Orly

A Cloudy, Pink Evening A couple of evenings ago, I went outside.

The clouds took up the entire sky in a patchy form, a little darker here, a little lighter there,

They were left over from a rain shower a few hours before.

Only a few leaves dangled from the trees

You could tell that they had the perfect crunch to them and were at the point in their lives where at any moment they would snap off the branch and drift to the ground.

All was tame and quiet except for the occasional squirrel nipping at an acorn and climbing up the tree with the tap, tap, tap, sound following.

A few birds in the distance were singing softly; making their way south.

The cool wind wrapped around me and gave me a warm hug.

My nose turned into a red cherry and so did the apples of my cheeks.

You could tell fall was coming to an end.

Slowly becoming bleak and bitter; slowly turning to winter.

I sat down on the damp, yellowish-green grass and breathed in gently to not let my breathing sound take away from the peaceful moment.

The sun wasn’t seen that night.

But the pink color it left me at sunset, that tinted the clouds, was all I needed.

I smelled the fresh, clean air. It made me smile.

I closed my eyes and thought.

I thought about what it might be like to not have this fresh, clean air.

What it might be like to not have the birds singing.

What it might be like to not have rain.

What it might be like to not have trees.

What it might be like to not have this peace.

But I don’t have to imagine this.

Trees are being cut down, heavy rains, droughts. Communities in flames.

So take action this Tu B’Shvat.

Together, we can change the world.

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