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JYCM Climate Stories - Change is Possible by Yonah Sadeh

"Going into this project, I knew that I both wanted to evoke feelings of destruction and death, and also show the positive changes. I want the audience to feel empowered to make changes in their life. After talking with my dad, who is an environmental educator, we came up with the idea for a ‘rewind’. Although the earth may seem beyond repair, I feel hopeful. I see companies becoming more sustainable, teens rising up and striking, forming movements, and green energy becoming more widespread. I am a filmmaker and I’m used to filming and editing traditional video footage, but for this project, I wanted to do something new. Looking at felt animation I had seen on the internet, I wanted to try it out for this project. I cut out each piece by hand, then took photos of each felt piece, importing them into a Visual Effects software, and layering each one, animating each movement digitally. Although this is not a traditional way of animating felt, it was a lot of fun, and a great learning experience for me. Something that I took away from this project is the fact that it doesn't just take an individual to make a change, it takes communities and corporations. We need a mass shift in lifestyle."

-Yonah Sadeh

JYCM Communications Director

Falls Village, CT

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