Who We Are

The Jewish Youth Climate Movement, founded by the largest faith-based environmental organization Hazon in 2019, is a Gen Z-led movement dedicated to combating climate change and environmental injustice from a Jewish lens. Our goal is to make taking collective action towards climate justice a central, defining feature of what it means to be Jewish over the next decade, empowering the next generation of Jewish youth to be leaders in our fight to build a sustainable and equitable world for all. 

Jewish - Our Population

It is our responsibility as Jewish people to respond to the climate crisis. We aim to live according to the value of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and to act as the midrash Kohelet Rabbah instructs us: “For if you corrupt it, there is no one to repair it for you,” (7:13:1).

Youth - Our Motivation

As young people, we have little say in the world we are inheriting. The state of the environment is not our fault, yet it has become our burden. Because of this, JYCM members view our generational position not just as a demographic component of JYCM but instead a motivation for our climate justice efforts.

Climate - Our Focus

At the center of the Jewish Youth Climate Movement is our commitment to fighting for climate justice. At JYCM we strive to educate people about climate change in order to compel our communities to rise up in collective action that pressures the worst offenders (politicians and corporations). Climate change is the greatest threat to ever face humanity, and we cannot afford to ignore it any longer.

Movement - Our Goal

The severity of the climate crisis demands action on a scale that constitutes classification as a movement. JYCM envisions a long-term future in which sustainability and environmental justice seep into every decision and as a result create a more equitable global community. In the short term, we ideate the mobilization of the Jewish community led by Jewish youth in pursuit of this climate-forward world. We aim to create a mass-movement that will unite to achieve these goals.


We are in a global climate crisis, and Jewish tradition compels us to respond. We aim to live as the midrash Kohelet Rabbah instructs us: “For if you corrupt it, there is no one to repair it for you,” (7:13:1). JYCM believes that our greater purpose is to be a resource for people of all ages and religions, spreading a multi-generational message to stand in the name of climate justice. Our young voices should not only be heard but recognized as having the power to make change.

Leadership Board

JYCM is run by a cohort of 33 middle and high school students who comprise the National Leadership Board. We live across the United States and primarily organize remotely. Five separate teams comprise the board.

The Actions Team seeks to create change by uniting the Jewish community and organizing and supporting climate strikes, legislative lobbying, and climate advocacy. The Policy Team works to advance the strategic objective of our movement through raising consciousness about, educating on, and organizing advocacy projects surrounding public policies that aim to enact systemic change for climate justice. As the face of the organization, PR (Public Relations) represents JYCM through public speaking and writing and focuses on matters of publication and advertising. They can be reached for questions and to get involved with JYCM. The Communications Team bridges our organization and other movements and builds an online presence. The Equity & Inclusion works to support and hold the movement accountable for centering diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do. We work to ensure that our movement reflects the diversity of the Jewish community and is a space where people of all identities and intersections can thrive. We prioritize an intersectional, systems-change approach to climate justice. 


Kvutzot (chapters/groups) are the heart and soul of our movement. As the ones who know your community best, you can best inspire, lead, and take action. With support from the JYCM team through onboarding, coaching, and access to a curriculum bank, you will be able to create a Kvutzah in your community, whether it be a school, synagogue, JCC, camp, town, city, or other locality or institution! For more information on becoming a JYCM Kvutzah, click this link or contact liana.rothman@hazon.org

For those who are unable to join an institutional Kvutzah but still want to be a part of a JYCM community, join the Virtual Kvutzah! For more information, email jewishyouthclimatemovement@hazon.org